Biotechgate advances year after year

Going into 2016 Biotechgate has seen a big increase in the data now visible on the platform. Through various methods, many new companies are now joining the database to reach our global life science audience.

Biotechgate continues to expand every year, not only with new companies but also products, contacts and partners. To date the database has over 38,000 companies listed worldwide, 4,840 of these companies came onboard in 2015 alone. We can also break this figure down into sectors.

New companies added to Biotechgate in 2015

Biotech Therapeutics & Diagnostics: 356
Biotech R&D Services: 599
Pharma: 2,109
Medtech: 445
Biotech Other: 711


All the new companies display information such as product pipelines, technologies, licensing opportunities, financial rounds and management details in a detailed profile. The products and licensing opportunities listed on the platform have increased dramatically in 2015. In total over 9,000 biotech and over 3,500 medtech products and opportunities were submitted last year.

Also the number of Biotechgate management details grew last year: In 2015 the number of management details increased by a whopping 34,800! This section enables you to search for specific contacts by their job title/position.

Number of profiles in Biotechgate as of January 2016

Companies: 38,692
Management details: 122,156
Medtech and Biotech Products: 45,778
Financing rounds: 8,582
Licensing deals: 1,877


In order to maintain and further complete the global Biotechgate database, we are proud to partner with over 35 bio organisations and clusters from around the world. In 2015 we had 4 new partners come on board.



If you are looking for new partners or clients in 2016 and wish to utilise Biotechgate you can request a demonstration here.


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