Find companies that are about to expand

Companies in the expansion stage are a very interesting target group: They may be looking for new partners, need new laboratory space, want to relocate or expand their business to new regions. Biotechgate provides the tools to discover such companies.

Biotechgate is a leading life science company database. We constantly update over 36,000 company profiles and are frequently adding new ones. Biotechgate has a special focus on new, emerging companies with innovative technologies. Furthermore we systematically track the financing rounds and the licensing deals closed by such companies. All this information is reviewed by our analysts and made available in the Biotechgate Company and Licensing Deals Database. We make available a report with a summary of all European and US financing rounds of the previous month which can be downloaded for free at

The closing of a financing round is an excellent indicator if you are searching for companies that are about to expand and may be looking for partners or external expertise. With Biotechgate you can set-up email alerts to be reminded about financing activities that are relevant for your specific target group. Here is how it works:

In our example we assume that we are looking for growing and expanding Biotech companies. To set up a financing email alert for this target group, log-in to your Biotechgate account and search for the sector “Biotechnology – Therapeutics and Diagnostics”. Click search to see the results. On the result page click on “Save search”, select a name and click “Save” (see screenshot).




This particular saved search will appear in the box “Saved Searches” at the right hand side. When you click on the envelope icon a window appears with the settings for your email alert. Select the option “New financing round added” and define how frequently you want to receive the alert. Click “Save” – and that’s it. From now on you will be informed about who has received financing.



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